Glenn Anders

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Glenn AndersBiography
Glenn Anders (1890-1981) was an attractive, versatile and much sought-after actor who was much admired for his natural style of acting. He was born in Los Angeles and, in 1910, began his stage career in a local stock company. He left to play in vaudeville but soon returned to other touring companies, including one in 1912 headed by E. H Sothern & Julia Marlowe. His first significant New York play was Just Around the Corner (1919) and, afterwards, he was constantly in demand as a sound supporting actor for the next thirty years. His many important and highly acclaimed roles included playing Andy Lowry in Hell-Bent for Heaven (1924), Victor Hallam in Another Language (1932), Alexander Craig in Soldier’s Wife (1944) and the effeminate Carleton Fitzgerald in Light Up the Sky (1948).

Although almost all his career was spent on stage, he did appear in eight movies from 1925 to 1951. His most memorable film role was Grisby, the lawyer, in The Lady from Shanghai (1948), starring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.

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