Nancy Walker

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Nancy WalkerBiography
Nancy Walker (1921-1992) was born into a vaudeville family and was destined for a stage career. At first, she wanted to be a singer but, when she auditioned for a small part in Best Foot Forward in 1941, the Broadway impresario George Abbott fell out of his chair with laughter as she was reading the lines. He gave her the part and she was on her way to becoming one of the funniest women in the theatre.

When the show closed, she went to Hollywood to play the same part, the Blind Date, in the film version of the musical (1943). She stayed to make another two films, playing a similar role. Bored and unhappy, she returned to Broadway to appear as a man-eating Taxi driver in the musical, On the Town (1944). Two years with the show established her as a star. Her next show was another musical, Barefoot Boy With Cheek (1947). Not surprisingly, with such a cumbersome title, it was not a great success. Fortunately, she moved straight into a show that had been written for her, Look, Ma, I

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