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March 18, 2008 by: admin

This is almost certainly the last time there will be a major sale of photos that were taken, hand-printed & signed by Osvaldo Salas. During the last twenty years of his life, because of a shortage of photographic materials in Cuba, he usually printed and signed photos only when they had been ordered and when the would-be purchaser arrived in Havana, as I did, with boxes of photographic paper.

OSVALDO SALAS (1914-1992) is widely recognized as having been one of the world’s great press photographers. His international fame came not just from the quality of his work but also because he was so often in the right place at the right time.

He received many awards, diplomas and honors for his photography, including being acclaimed, in 1983, an International Master of Photography by the International Press Association.

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2 Responses to “Photography – OSVALDO SALAS”
  1. Charles M. Robbins says:

    I am trying to find the value of a photo of Castro and Hemingway taken follow a fishing tournament in 1960. It is signed by Salas and bears the raised Cuban seal

  2. Kenneth B Lundman says:

    We have two pictures signed and with seal by Osvaldo Salas, one is Che smoking a cigar and one is more uncommon it is a fishing trip with Fidel where you see Che sitting with his legs crossed reading a book and the “guide” on the left corner and Fidel on the right corner of the photo both seen from above.

    Anybody knows something about this printings?

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